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Fire safety

A remote sensing fire valve is an essential safety feature of all oil installations; it will stop the supply of oil in the event of a fire or an overheat situation occurring at the boiler. The valve must be located outside the building, before the point of entry, and must be activated by a remote sensor. Old style 'fused' wheel head fire valves are no longer considered to give effective protection and cannot be tested to prove they are still functional.


Existing oil feed pipes that are not accessible outside of the building, and do not have a fire valve, can have one added at the first point where the pipe appears internally. This is not permitted on a new pipe installation, but can improve the safety of an existing installation. Fire valves are also required for external oil boilers.


At each annual boiler service the operation of the fire valve can be verified by using a test unit set to the appropriate temperature. This checks that the operation to shut off the oil supply pipe takes place and enables a check to be made that the valve can be manually reset once the sensor phial temperature has reduced to normal operating level.

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